AUNTEA MARIE, Co-Founder/Sr. Publicist & Sr. Communication Specialist

     Auntèa Marie is an experienced Public Relations, Communications, and Brand Marketing Consultant.  She is the co-founder, owner and Sr. Publicist at Media International Public Relations & Marketing; a full-service marketing, communications strategy, and solutions company. Her experience stretches across a wide spectrum of event production, corporate relations, entertainment, media, and brand development. She is dedicated to creating public relations & communications campaigns and opportunities designed to meet her clients' goals and expectations. With a tenacious drive and a well-defined focus, Auntéa only believes in one option- RESULTS!  

     Auntèa gained a vast quantity of quality experience at Marriott International Headquarters as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Washington DC and Boston markets.  Managing Public Relations in the hospitality industry offered her multiple avenues of exposure, as well as positioning her with opportunities to be a part of Public Relations and Marketing initiatives for various projects including Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Inauguration. Working in such a diverse industry, Auntèa became proficient in developing public relations campaigns in entertainment, restaurant openings, hotel renovations, hotel openings, corporate affairs, corporate events, big business promotions, and sponsoring packaging. Auntèa’s press releases and features have been published in various domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and online publications; allowing her to maintain strong relationships with local and national Journalist, reporters and major media influencers.

     Holding a Bachelors of Communications degree from Howard University; Auntea exceeds the traditional roles of a Publicist; branding herself as a Business Strategist and Branding Expert. She has spearheaded public campaigns for highly respected public figures, corporations and notable organizations. Her resume stretches across industry sectors and state lines. Her objective is to build long-lasting brands, create awareness for her Clients while managing their Public Images to their targeted fans and audiences.                

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RENEE ROCHONE, Founder/Advertising & Marketing Specialist

     After working in Television and Radio Sales & Marketing for more than 20 years; Renee decided to offer business owners, performers and Influencers more uniquely, diversified advertising and marketing options. Renee Rochone gained major broadcast advertising & marketing experience while working with Paramount Domestic Television Group/CBS, Tribune Broadcasting (ABC/WB), The Dallas Morning News, Clear Channel Radio and iHeart Media. 

     Her professional skill set involves creating and executing advertising, marketing, promotional and public relations campaigns. She has over 20+ years of experience media planning, media buying, branding, imaging, copy writing commercial ads for website content, blogging, digital, television, radio, streaming services, and print.

     She also carries another ten years of experience in online marketing, digital writing and internet advertising; she is also experienced in creating and executing online marketing campaigns, copy writing, and digital print layout strategies for television. Radio, digital, and print.

     As an Advertising and Marketing Specialist; she excels in preparing effective, creative public relations, advertising, and marketing campaigns.  She efficiently collects data and research information, interprets electronic & traditional metrics to plan and execute public relations, advertising and marketing plans for business owners and Artist.  Renee Rochone is a well-rounded marketing professional providing today’s best possible solutions to major decision-makers.

​   Media International Public Relations & Marketing, LLC (M.I.P.R.M) is a  strategic  Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations firm.  We are passionate about creating & executing strategic media planning, media buying, Public Relations, Promotions & Marketing Research! 

M.I.P.R.M focuses on the critical link between planning, strategies, the organizational culture, consensus building, creating awareness, increasing product recognition and placing you & your brand in front of your target market.  M.I.P.R.M provides expert consulting using today's proven best overall metrics & digital monitoring methods;  leading significant gains in performance, efficiency and optimal organizational exposure ​​​​​

M.I.P.R.M. is also certified as a Small Business/Women Owned Business, a verified federal bid vendor who also works within the public sector with businesses owners, non profits, Performers, Influencers and event promoters.